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Designed for performance, comfort, and style, HDK carts offer the ideal solution for navigating fairways or managing tasks. With multiple seating options and customizable upgrades including tire sizes and media centers, HDK carts excel in both functionality and luxury.

Classic 2 Plus - Purple Classic 2 Plus - Black

The Favorites

Shop a few of our customers’ favorite HDK Electric Vehicle models—they’re practically flying off the lot!

Classic 4 Plus
Turfman 700
Forester 4 Plus
D5 Ranger 4
Forester 2
D5 Maverick 4
Forester 6
Classic 2 Plus

Main Models

HDK Electric Vehicles offer a diverse range of models to suit everyone’s needs! Our current lineup, at Don’s Speed Parts, includes the Classic, Forester, D3, D5, and Turfman models.

Pick your Palette

What color is your dream golf cart? HDK Electric Vehicles give you the choice between over 15 vibrant color options! From Plum-Crazy Purple to Classic Black and Green Apple, the choice is yours.
Green Apple
Flamenco Red
Candy Apple Red
Mediterranean Blue
Navy Blue
Port Blue
Arctic Gray

2024 Classic Models

Available in both Classic 2 and 4-seater models, each model comes in two versions: the Classic and the Classic Plus. The Classic offers a streamlined, efficient design ideal for standard use, while the Classic Plus includes an advanced entertainment system, with back-up camera and more!


Classic Plus

Classic 2 Plus - Arctic Gray Classic 4 Plus - Green

2024 Forester Models

Available in 2, 4, and 6-seater configurations. The Forester 2 provides a basic design perfect for straightforward use. For a touch of luxury, the Forester 4 is available in a standard and Plus version (featuring an advanced entertainment system). The Forester 6-seater goes a step further, including a media screen as standard, enhancing the experience with additional technological comforts.


Forester 4 Plus & 6

Forester 2 - Pink Forester 2 - Green Apple

Explore Versatility

Explore the versatility of HDK Electric Vehicles, perfect for leisure, work, or play! Our range boasts lithium-ion batteries, LED lights, ample storage, and customizable accessory packages to suit every requirement and beyond.

Let us guide you to the ideal unit that matches your unique style. With a palette of over 15 vibrant color options, you can personalize your ride to reflect your personality.

2024 D5 Models

The D5 Ranger & Maverick, luxury carts offering style and comfort. The Ranger provides a sleek, reliable ride, while the Maverick, its upgraded counterpart, adds a front bumper, off-road tires, and side steps for a rugged touch. Both models are available in 2+2, 4, or 6-seat configurations, catering to groups of all sizes.

D5 Ranger

D5 Maverick

D5 Ranger 4 - Copper D5 Maverick 4 - Arctic Gray

2024 Turfman Models

Explore the Turfman 450 and 700. The 450 is ideal for basic utility tasks. For those needing more functionality, the Turfman 700 includes a media screen, brush guard, larger tires and electronic lift. Whether you opt for the simplicity of the 450 or the enhanced 700, each model is built to cater to your specific work demands.

Turfman 450

Turfman 700

Turfman 700 - Port Blue Turfman 700 - Arctic Gray

D3 Models

The D3 is a versatile 4-seater golf cart that combines functionality with luxury. With two seats facing forward and two facing back – it features a convenient refrigerator, a front trunk, and a full media screen with a backup camera, and more. The D3 Model ensures you can enjoy your time on the course in comfort and style.
D3 - Port Blue D3 - Black

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Whether you're cruising around the neighborhood, playing a round of golf, or exploring new places, Classic's are a perfect fit. Offering a comfortable, and smooth ride, customizable options, and versatility for every need.


The HDK Foresters can be used for various purposes such as leisure activities, light off-roading, chores, and carrying goods. It offers versatility, higher ground clearance, bigger tires, a rugged front bumper and a sturdier build.


The HDK D5 models epitomize luxury in golf cart transportation, blending elegance with performance. Featuring luxurious seating, smooth handling, and customizable options - the D5 is a symbol of style on or off the course.


Turfman's, designed to enhance efficiency and ease in maintenance tasks across various terrains. Excelling in hauling, making routine jobs more manageable and time-efficient. A practical asset for any maintenance crew.

Our HDK Dealers

Discover our network of HDK Electric Vehicle dealers, offering an exceptional selection of high-quality golf carts to enhance your golfing experience, simplify tasks, or enjoy a family outing to the lake. Located in towns and cities across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, our dealers are ready to help you find the perfect cart tailored to your needs.

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